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Leadership & The Dangerous Myth of "Being Authentic"

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How Rohan Went From Frustrated PM to Respected Product Leader in His Company

The Positioned Product Manager

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3 Questions To Help Future-Proof Your Career

Leveraging ChatGPT To Define A Product Strategy

When A Blue Ocean Becomes Red

Has Musk's Purchase of Twitter has been a Resounding Success Or A Dismal Failure?

Communicate with Confidence & Charisma: 4 Tactics To Inspire

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Why FAANG Is Probably Not Right For You

Why Essentialism is Essential

New v. Old Way of Building Products

How to Communicate Effectively

Incentives Determine Outcomes

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Inventing New Product Categories

How to Differentiate Your Product Using ChatGPT Decision Trees

Embracing Pivots: The Vital Importance of Testing Big Changes When Prototyping

Is Prod MBA Worth It?

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Facing My Biggest Fear In Life

How To Know Which Prototype To Build

NEVER Silo Marketing & Sales From Your Product Work

How to Define A Winning, AI-Driven Product Strategy

How to Find Product Opportunities With AI

Defensibility in an AI-Driven World

The Agile Industry is dead. And good riddance.

Society’s Problem With Patience

8 Powerful ChatGPT Prompts to Discover New Product Opportunities

Stay Ahead of the AI curve With Autonomous Agents

Avoid Virality. Leverage Network Effects.

How to Optimise Pricing to Maximise Revenue

A Beginner's Guide to Product Strategy:

If Agile is So Effective, Why Do 95% of Products Still Fail?

AI Will Radically Change The Nature of Product Management • Pt 2/2

AI Will Radically Change The Nature of Product Management • Pt 1/2

Is Prod MBA Worth It?

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To Build A Winning Product, Bake In One These Two Levers

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Differentiate or Die.

The Product Innovation Trap

The 5 Fastest-Growing Products of 2022 & How They Engineered Success

How to Build A Successful Product in the Hyper-Competitive New Economy

Re-Launching Yourself As A True Product Leader

Forget the Competition.

3 Tips to Build a Truly Unique, Valuable Product

Product Strategy is Simple: An Actionable, Hands-on Guide to Craft & Communicate A Winning Product Strategy

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Why Does Your Product Really Exist?