What is Prod MBA?

Product Manager, Owner or Founder?

We provide a radically different approach to fast-tracking your path to product leadership:

By getting students to build a real product from zero to revenue over an 8-week, part-time bootcamp. It’s the most hands-on, actionable approach to product training in the world.

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Every week, we publish an article with actionable tips & tactics on fast-tracking your path to product leadership.

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Our Story

"Learning product is a scam. You pay $10,000 for a course just consisting of theoretical videos, or spend $60,000 on an MBA that is completely out-dated.

Instead, we don’t work with “famous” product leaders or in expensive classrooms. Everything is online, is focused on putting cutting-edge theory into practice & is designed to help you navigate the messy uncertainty of doing product in the real world.

260 happy alumni later, with zero funding, shows we are doing something right.”

Henry Latham, Founder, Prod MBA

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Actionable tips & tactics on fast-tracking your path to product leadership